BUFALE ARCHEOLOGICHE in Giornale dell’Arte February 2015 “Sign the restoration”

Sign the restoration

BUFALE_ARCHEOLOGICHE_Febbraio_2015_Firmare il restauro_Museo Archeologico AlbanoThe photograph illustrated here is of a 2nd century AD marble Roman sarcophagus conserved in the Archaeological Museum of Albano, a few kilometres from Rome. The curiosity (and at the same time, the horror) is that the «integrative» restoration carried out on the strigil decoration has been documented in a violent and indelible manner with the epigraph of a certain Mr R. Montineri from Cortona. This «vandal» restorer, wanted to chisel his name directly on the original Roman marble, also to highlight the fact that he did the work for free. The mad things done in 1965! And what luck that two years before Cesare Brandi’s book Teoria del restauro had come out… If these are the immediate results of the theories of restoration, I would say let’s reject Mr. Montineri from Cortona, the Fine Arts Council and Brandi too.

BUFALE ARCHEOLOGICHE_Febbraio 2015_Dario Del Bufalo

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