Arch. Dario Del Bufalo

Castello della Cecchignola
Vicolo della Cecchignoletta 14
00143 Roma – Italia

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

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  1. Dario Del Bufalo

    Dear Dr Tavakoli,

    Thank you for your kind letter and I will answer you personally through my private mail address.
    All the best
    Prof. Dario Del Bufalo

  2. faramarz tavakoli

    Hello sir del bufalo

    I am an Iranian archeologist and field of Conservation and Restoration of Monuments I have worked more than 17 years for cultural heritage of iran . mostly I repair monuments . so I am a researcher of art and history . I have had some articles about my field .
    2 or 3 years ago in here I heared that you and your brother have found WANISHED CAMBYSES ARMY in Egypt . it caused a lot of Tumult media in here but after that Suddenly everything was silencing . even zahi huwas denied all things . that is very important for me and a lot of Iranian archeologists . We are confident you have found the truth. As a friend and colleague and my degree, I ask you to help you achieve data exploration.
    I firmly believe you have reality in your hands. I wanted to ask you a few questions I have.

    1. Is it really were the works of Cambyses army?
    2. Where the works are now kept?
    3. Why did not you publish your findings, then explore this further?
    I wanted to ask if you have more reasons to send us your pictures and stories. So I will thank our Italian friends to help us in this matter. Iran also happy to come up with a common love ancient land and culture of Italy that become more familiar and I’d be honored to be your host.
    I look forward to answering Mamoncillo Your Excellency will give me the phone call yourself.

    Best regards boundless

    Friendly Faramarz Tavakkoli

  3. Dario Del Bufalo

    Gentile Massimo Sndrucci,
    i marmi dei cubi che mi mandi in foto sono:
    – Bianco statuario forse si Isola
    – il grigio è Bigio Antico forse Bardiglio
    – il verde, quello centrale sembra un Cipollino di Charistos, mentre gli altri verdi sembrano Marna Tirrenica; quelli scuri addirittura sembrano mattonelle non pertinenti…
    La foto non è così chiara né ad alta risoluzione, perciò questo è il massimo che posso dirti

  4. Massimo Sndreucci

    Gentilmente, mi saprebbe dire che tipi di marmi sono questi dei cubi, casa dei Fauni, Pompei? Grazie!!:

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