L’Università dei Marmorari di Roma

/ Dario Del Bufalo. - Roma : L'Erma di Bretschneider, 2007. - 77 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. - ISBN - 9788882654504

Università dei marmorari di Roma

The Università dei Marmorari in Rome is extremely grateful to the National Committee for the Celebrations of the Sixth Centenary of its foundation, for having made the publication of this small volume possible, which helps to understand and enjoy the artistic heritage that Rome and Italy have received thanks to the Roman marble craftsmen’s families, from the Late Middle Ages to the present day. The University, or rather, the society of Marble Craftsmen in Rome, was founded in 1406 to provide mutual corporate assistance, after the papal seat moved from Rome to Avignon in the early 14th century, thus interrupting the great patronage of the Church of Rome for marble artisans. This date just marks the legal creation of the corporation, while the tradition of the Roman Marble Craftsmen came about with the Empire and without interruption, still lives in our cities and in its components, the craftsmen of this stone material..

Volume produced and promoted by theNational Committee for the Celebration of the VI centenary of the Università dei Marmorari in Rome” established by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

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