BUFALE ARCHEOLOGICHE in Giornale dell’Arte October 2015 “Tut remain in his apartment ”

BUFALE ARCHEOLOGICHE dal Giornale dell’Arte Ottobre 2015 “Tut non esce da casa” Dario Del Bufalo 2 Egypt: the Minister of Antiquities, Mr Eldamaty, decided a few days ago that Tutankhamun’s mummy (i.e. the real body) will remain in his tomb, the KV62.
According to the Ministry, after many technical debates, this decision was taken for conservation reasons and problems.
A side chamber in KV62, discovered by Howard Carter in 1922, will host a super technological case designed by the Getty Foundation and it will be open to the public – one that is less and less numerous – in the Valley of the Kings.
Would it not be safer and better to keep an eye on it in a laboratory in the Museum of Cairo?
In nearly 100 years, no one has had the foresight (or courage) to move the Pharaoh’s body to a suitable structure away from the Valley of the Kings.
I suspect that behind the technical conservation reasons there is a bit of a fabrication of the truth… I don’t believe I’m wrong to think they’re all scared of the bad luck that the boy’s little, withered body could generate!


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