The marble floors in the apartment of Charles IV and Luisa of Parma

/ Dario Del Bufalo. - Estratto da: L'Aventino dal Rinascimento a oggi. Arte e architettura / a cura di Mario Bevilacqua, Daniela Gallavotti Cavallero. – Roma : Artemide, @2010. - P. 137-139. - ISBN - 9788875751074

Following the Napoleonic decree on the suppression of monasteries, the complex of Saints Bonifacio and Alessio, once freed from the religious order, was chosen and bought by Charles IV of Spain in 1809 as his summer residence while in Rome with his wife, Maria Luisa, Princess of Parma.

For climatic reasons and for the way it faced, the south-eastern wing of the convent seemed to be the most suited to create a private, royal apartment. Each bedroom boasts a fine view onto the large church courtyard or onto the garden..

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